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Welcome to Green Rose, 420 Sesh Post

You hear “Green Rose”, and you think “ok yea I get it, green like weed and roses have buds.” And you are not wrong, we thought about that too. But we also thought that roses were a beautiful plant, with harsh prickly thorns, and the cannabis plant is a beautiful green plant whose history based in prejudice and slander act as it’s thorns. And thus, Green Rose was born. Born of the idea that something scary can be beautiful, there are two words to describe our brand: elegant and welcoming. Our walls are covered with the most beautiful rosebud and cannabis bud filled wallpaper, and our staff is there with a smile to welcome each guest who finds their way in. Green Rose is not just a cannabis retail store, Green Rose is a cannabis retail experience that you’ll want to fully immerse yourself into…



So, Welcome to Green Rose!

Situated on the corner of Wells St and Ontario Ave in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Green Rose was one of the first social equity dispensary in Illinois, opening in its doors for the first time late last year (2022).

Upon conception, the minds behind Green Rose were committed to supporting the already established minority businesses and entrepreneurs in the industry, but also committed to welcoming new and exciting brands to the Illinois cannabis market. In pursuit of this goal, 75% of the team that makes up our flagship River North location is Black or Latino, as well many LGBTQ identifying team members, we have made Green Rose not only a diverse business. But a welcoming and relaxing melting pot of many different counter-cultures colliding to celebrate the cannabis plant, and it’s history in our communities!



Our Community 

Not only are we committed to hiring a diverse team at Green Rose, but we also hire exclusively the smartest personality hires you’ve ever met! (I’m not just saying that because I am one!) Every single budtender at Green Rose not only walks through our doors with immense knowledge, but they are also regularly learning more about all the cultivators and products our store offers through the cannabis education platform Seed Talent. Through Seed Talent, our budtenders can learn the specifics about any and all of our products from Good News Me Time gummies (those make me feel like a middle aged divorcé in a bathtub with bubbles, rose petals, and glass of wine), to the Sour Jack strain from Rhythm (nothing gets me in the mood for a discussion about how space is expanding like Sour Jack), there are not a lot of questions our budtenders can’t answer! And let’s say one budtender doesn’t know? Don’t worry, they’ll just ask their coworker and she’ll know! 



The Menu 

We are an independent boutique dispensary and not an MSO (multistate operator), because we are able to fill our menu with products YOU want, not products a CEO somewhere wants you to buy! With great power comes great… ability to have an amazing menu! Since we are in the heart of River North, we know there are so many different types of people coming into our store. It ranges from our neighbors who live or work in the buildings next to us, to college students celebrating their 21st birthday, to tourists who haven’t tried the stuff since university days! And we have products for all of them! Our concentrate collection has filled to the brim with enticing extracts like live rosin budder, waxes, sugars, oh my! We have flower either pre-rolled to the perfect joint to smoke at your pleasure, or prepackaged 8ths, quads, halve’s, even a few ounces! OOOH! And our edibles? We only carry the best edibles around! And not only are they the best, but there are also so many different forms! We have your classic gummies and chocolates of course, we have delicious, infused pretzel bites. But my favorite thing we have? One of the most expansive cannabis THC infused drink menus I’ve seen at an Illinois dispensary! Whether you’re looking for a low dosage canned beverage, or you want to make a mixed drink (yes! Mixed drinks! Click here to a list of some of my favorite infused drink recipes!) There is the perfect product for you, all with easy dose instructions! 

420  420  420

420  420  420


What else do we do?? 

I’m so glad you asked!! Since our opening late last year every month we try highlight a community who has been not just hurt by cannabis laws and regulation, but the communities who were the champions of the plant when no one else would! The marginalized voices we weren’t able to hear then, we are making sure they are heard now! 

person painting  woman talking in microphone  person talking in microphone

 We bring in different types of live performing artists from throughout the Chicago area, and food from local businesses at the end of each month to celebrate Black History Month in February, Women’s Month in March, or, whatever happens in April?  


You thought we forgot 420 didn’t you? 

Oh no sireebob! Not only did we remember 420, but we’re going all out!  

Starting on 4/20 at 12pm and going till 8pm we’re closing our parking lot to have the inaugural Green Rose 420 Sesh Fest!! We have a stacked line up of live performers ranging from DJ’s, to comedians, to rock bands, to magicians, AND SO MUCH MORE! And that’s not all! We’re going to have body painting, a break-dancing contest, a FREAKING FIRE ARTIST!! But the best part? We have a puff party bus! Stop in the store, pick up your favorite 8th or pre-roll pack, and hop in the bus for the most fun 420 you’ve had yet!!  

420 menu


But that’s not all!! Beginning at our 420 Sesh Fest we are HIGHlighting our amazing mural by renowned local Chicago artist Asend! To help us celebrate this beautiful work of art, all you need to do is:  

-take a picture in front of our mural (either by yourself or with your best buds) 

-Post it on Instagram, MAKE SURE YOU TAG US! 

-Include #greenroseseshfest420 #greenrosemural and #greenrosebrands 

-Show us the post at the register for 20% off your entire order! 

Located on the external wall facing our parking lot the Green Rose Mural depicts a faceless woman wearing an elegant blouse, as she delicately holds out a long stemmed beautiful thorned green rose. The mural was designed and painted by Chicago graffiti artist Asend! 


Well, that’s all I’ve got for you for now! I hope to see you at Green Rose soon! And I know I’ll see you at the very first Green Rose 420 Sesh Fest! 

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