What is 7/10?

What is 7/10?

7/10 is like Christmas in July for the cannabis community! Particularly for those of us who prefer to use concentrates. Why do we celebrate cannabis concentrates on 7/10? Well, when you flip 710 upside-down, it spells the word “OIL.” Pretty simple! Unlike how 4:20 was the time for the “Waldos” to meet up after school and sesh, 7/10 is more so just a fun stoner thought turned into an internationally celebrated holiday for weed lovers everywhere- National Dab Day!

Just concentrate (on getting high)!

“Concentrate” is the umbrella term we use for all cannabis extracts, which come in solid and liquid forms. These products are usually given names according to their appearance and consistency, such as resin, shatter, sugar, wax, budder, sauce, and oil (the stuff you vape in a cartridge). Concentrates are most known and loved for their very high THC potencies and are mainly smoked or vaporized.

The onset time of concentrates is quick, like that of flower. You should start to feel the effects within 0-2 minutes of consuming!

A dab will do ya!

One popular way to consume solid concentrates is by “taking a dab”, and like mother always said, “a dab will do ya!” She was right! One hit from a dab rig will have you higher than Mary Poppins!

Check out this video of Eddie B. from Green Rose Dispensary breaking down how to do a dab properly with a classic rig!


Fun facts for you to concentrate on.

Did you know there are two categories of cannabis concentrates with separate extraction methods?  Solvent and solventless!

Solvent-based cannabis concentrates are extracted using a chemical solvent, such as butane, ethanol, or CO2, and solventless extracts are made without the help of chemicals, using heat or cold which produces a cleaner and tastier product.

Check out some of the most popular concentrates on the market:


Distillate oils

Usually between clear and a dark brown color, oils are commonly used in vape cartridges and syringes. Distillate oils can also be added to dry flower and smoked. You can even dip a joint in oil and roll it in kief!

Live Resin

Tend to be very potent and high in THC. It is a solventless-extract so it’s intense flavors and aromas are naturally carried over from the plant. It is typically dark yellow in color but can vary from light yellow to white. It is extremely sticky, so like most cannabis concentrates, you’ll need a dab tool to handle it.

Like Rosin

Another solventless extract made with freshly frozen flower. They are known as the cannabis connoisseur’s choice because they hold the purest flavors from some of the finest cannabis in the market. Cultivators make them with trichome and terpene-rich plants. They sift and press those plants for smaller, higher quality yields which accounts for higher prices. Consumers are paying for the labor and quality of materials when compared to more massively produced butane hash oils

Budder and Badder

Solvent-made concentrates with nearly identical extraction processes resulting in soft textures. Budder looks and feels a lot like butter or frosting, while badder tends to have a looser consistency closer to sauce. The extracts are heavily whipped (like a heavy cream to make frosting) on a hot plate to incorporate air and then placed in a vacuum oven. These types of extracts usually range in appearance from a light buttery yellow to brown. These will darken and harden without proper storage so keep them in a cool, dark place (fride works great) inside of an airtight container.


A dense and highly potent extract. Like budders, this solvent-extract is whipped, though less intensely resulting in a product that is more stiff and rigid. Clean, lab-tested, and carefully made solvent extracts like the wax that we offer at Green Rose Dispensary feature exceptional flavors, aromas, and potency. And any trace of solvent is carefully removed before packaging and sale. These should also be stored in a cool, dark place.


Otherwise known as Honeycomb, this extract is usually powdery or crumbly and can be smoked on its own. However, most people will use it to top their flower with it or layer it in the bowl with bud! This form of extract doesn’t need to be refrigerated for storage, but with most extracts, it doesn’t hurt to keep it chilled!


Also called “glass” this is a thin, brittle, often translucent extract that is often dabbed alone. It’s really useful for smaller electric dab rigs like a Puffco! For storing shatters, I usually fridge them, though depending on the heat and humidity where you are, I have a lot of friends who keep their shatter with their flower stash!


Or “Crystals” range from clear, to a cloudy yellowish hue. It’s named after its consistency and appearance: like undissolved wet sugar. Dabbers tend to prefer sugar wax’s flavor and texture. One of the purest concentrates on the market, it is high in THC, ranging from 60-90%.


This is a solvent-extract with a sticky, liquid consistency. A dab tool is a must when handling these. Sauce extractions have high levels terpenes, making them extra flavorful. It’s unique combination of crystals and terp sauce make this concentrate a customer favorite! You can just store it alongside your flower if you want to keep it at a flowy liquid state, however if you want something easier to handle, it’s best to keep it chilled.

The two most popular forms of extract on the market right now are Live Rosin and Live Resin, here’s my friend Eddie again to offer a brief explanation of the differences!




The best way to celebrate 710? Come to Green Rose in River North, pick up your favorite concentrate, and enjoy the highest of holidaze!!